Friday, December 10, 2010

It's So Cold!

When I was out driving this morning I passed a number of homeless men on the streets in the freezing cold, and the forecast on the radio... it's supposed to snow this weekend.
So I decided that probably the best little piece of love I could craft throughout the rest of the year would be to stick with the idea from November's post. The idea was to make a hat, scarf, or blanket and drop it off at the local homeless shelter or take a walk or drive and give it to someone in need. There are so many great tutorials out there for easy scarves, hats, etc. The No-Sew scarves sound great to me as I am running short on time and my Christmas crafting list keeps getting longer and longer! Make it long and wide and you've got one that can wrap around the head and ears as well.
this quick scarf tutorial at I heart linen,

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