Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just have to share this link. Jaime from Prudent Baby (and author of Prudent Advice) wrote this article called Motherhood, the End of Adventure? Why having a baby is just the beginning

It is a beautifully written piece about the real beauty of having your life belong to someone else. Definitely worth a read. But if you just want the punchline, here it is in Jaime's words:
And that’s when it hit me hard: One day as a mother presents an astonishing multitude of possible paths — points of diversion more wild than any plane ticket, rail pass, or map could ever offer. The choices and their consequences are more exciting because they are simply more important. And they are more important because THEY ARE NOT ABOUT YOU. My life as a mother is anticipation, mystery, and imminent change. And most exciting of all is my certainty that whatever tonight holds, I will wake up tomorrow morning and not be the center of my own attention. My kid taught me to be enchanted and fulfilled by the unpredictability of our life at home. The travels of my youth were just the beginning of a journey of self-discovery that landed me in the wildest of destinations: parenthood. Now the real adventure begins.

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