Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man Day is coming!

Here at our house we have instituted a holiday called "Man Day" and it's rapidly approaching. When the Mr. and I were first married, I noticed there were plenty of opportunities to celebrate the girly, romantic side of life (ie. anniversaries, valentine's day, etc.) but not so much that celebrates the wild man side of our marriage. So, I declared a new holiday and "Man Day" was born. Every year it falls on the same day- Super Bowl Sunday, and on that day, we celebrate all things male. I usually try to make something like steak and potatoes for dinner, make sure my man gets to watch lots of football, and does absolutely nothing domestic, and I try to come up with a gift. The gift must be manly and (in the case of my man) not at all sentimental or crafty or too mushy. That's how he likes it best. So mark your calendars! Man Day is Feb 6th!
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